Tuesday, December 19, 2000

Merry Chiristmas everyone!!!! lol I literally just burst into song! lol Last day of school today WOOOHOOO!! I think this xmas is going to be the best one becoz this year has been really horrible and this xmas I'm going to put it all behind me :) I'm supposed to be going around Jo's tommorow, but I really can't be bothered, she'll probably be on the phone to Simon all day. OH! She's finally got her engagement ring from him.. I'm sorry but that really is pathetic, you don't see me and Phill acting like that! lol They had xmas dinner at school today.. I didn't have any, cos it's always burnt on the outside, frozen on the inside! lol, you think I'm joking!! It's now 4:50pm and I've just put a new guestbook up. I didn't really like the old one. It was a little too green, if you know what I mean << look at that, I sound like Dr Seuss!! *hehe* I best go now... watch Ready Steady Cook.. I lurve Ainsley!! lol CIAO

Monday, December 18, 2000

I've had such a brilliant day today! I dunno why though! But I'm soo excited << that might be it. lol I'm in such a good mood!! K, well on Wednesday, all we're gonna be doing at school is games in the sports hall, so I ain't going in. Plus it's the last day of school and It's gonna be sooo boring! They should make it more fun at least! GRRR!! This girl at school.. Melissa has such a nerve! She is really out of order and the only reason she sits next to me is to copy my work, she asked me to do her French homework becoz she's going to the schools disco. I ripped it up and threw it in the mud. Hope she won't be too mad!! lol Well must go, I'm gonna try and put some pics on this thing! CIAO ~*Katie*~

Sunday, December 17, 2000

<< It's now 4:00pm and we've just come back from going to my nans, aunties and uncles' house. We left at 8am and we hadn't came home!! It was well nice seeing all the family again, and seeing my nan and grandad was the best part, 'coz they're quite old and it felt really xmassy!! :) Got about 3 pressies from them all and a few cards. Ashley keeps coming to my site and looking in here to *check* if I talk about her. She's also signing my G*Bookie with stupid comments.. I really don't see her point, I said down there I delete them, can't she read? If you are reading this Ashley stop leaving comments in my G*Book, it's sad and soo '99. CIAO ~*Katie*~

Saturday, December 16, 2000

Some people are soo pathetic! I got an email this morning from a best mate of Ashley. She told me to stop copying her and stuff. She told me to never go to her site again and to stop signing off the blog with 'ciao' cos Ashley made it up. Hello? It's just a website! She was so miffed she left a comment in my G*Book, which is stupid, cos I just deleted it. lol *Anways* Went to town and got even more Christmas shopping for friends and then went to Chineham to get my aunties and uncles pressies. Now I'm just gonna relax, but then I promised I'd tidy my room.. GRR!! lol Tommorow, we're going to my nans. She lives in Banbury, then we're gonna go round everyones house (Family and friends) and give them pressies and their cards.. can't wait! :) CIAO lol

Friday, December 15, 2000

It's now Lunchtime and I've come home for it. Last lesson was History and we always have fun in it. mr Bates weren't in the room so we started mucking around. Then the Bitch Stef Thomson told us to shut up cos we're stupid cows. I turned around and said ' ou wanna f***ing make me?! She goes YEAH! and I said whatever. I hate her she's such a cow faced turnip!! She's been bitchy to me ever since Yr7!!! When I told her dad she was smoking... it's, like, 3 years ago!! lol She's pathetic! I could so badly beat her ass, but she don't know it!! lol *Anywayz* Had a maths exam and gonna finish it next lesson when I go back to school. I don't think i did very well, but I revised all last night!! GRRR. Well gtg have me lunch! lol Ciao ~*Katie*~

Wednesday, December 13, 2000

OOOwwweee!!! lol Today was OK. *But* in Physics david kept hitting Jo with a text book and she burst into tears. I felt sorry for her so I chased after her and we went to the medical room. I gave her some ice and got her coat and bag. I felt so sorry for her, but then on the way home she said (because she fancies David) that it might not have been him and Mr Fry's office he kept staring at her. I told her there was about 10 witnesses, and she said 'Yeah but we can never be sure' I've had enough, I'm just gonna leave her to it next time. She told me not to mention it to Simon otherwise he's kill him. It's, like, HELLO! Simon ain't coming down!! *god* She's apparently getting her engagement ring in the post on Saturday from him, I don't undersatnd that. They haven't even met and she's only 14. I got threee more cards from friends. ~*Katie*~

Monday, December 11, 2000

At lunchtime me, Jo, and stef were in the art block and this guy called Carl Locked us in the toilet!! It was really hot and we were all feeling clostraphobic *Spelling* I was shouting out the window and throwing loo rolls and soap out of it to make people listen and let us out, but they didn't. I told my tutor, the head and the deputy head and I gotta see The head of house tommorow at registration. He's always picking on us, espesh Jo, and I'm sick of it!!! GRRR I'm talking to this guy called Jamie at the mo, and he's well sweet... lol I'm so excited about xmas that I was shouting 'Merry Christmas' to everyone that would listen!! I got 3 more cards today, boy am I popular! well gotta go, my dad wants to write his CV, and I gotta do my french, I can't keep putting it off! ~*Katie*~